Prevention is the best intervention. Learn how to screen and prepare to avoid an emergency.

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Medical Providers

IbogaSafe will provide practical training to medics through a hands-on learning approach.  During the training we can work side by side with your staff on a real client from screening, through treatment, and after care. IbogaSafe will customize a training to fit your center's needs, because we realize that each clinic will have it’s own unique set of resources and challenges.  Once we have established a training relationship with you, we can also be available for follow-up consultations regarding challenging clients to continue the learning process. 

Intake screening and treatment preparation for potential clients:

  • Gathering appropriate medical history, substance abuse history, and list of current medications
  • Which diagnostic tests must be requested from potential clients
  • Identify appropriate medical professional to consult for interpreting labwork, ECG’s 
  • Supporting clients to discontinue contraindicated pharmaceuticals prior to arrival      
  • Nutrition and prehydration recommendations
  • Bowel preparation
  • Switching from long acting (Methadone/suboxone) to short acting opiates.
  • Correcting electrolyte levels prior to treatment
  • Safe intake and drug screening procedures

Treatment Protocols:

  • IV/IO access for clients with difficult venous access
  • Safe dosing guidelines.
  • Monitoring of vital signs and considerations for continuous cardiac monitoring
  • Length of time to monitor post treatment 
  • Confidential documentation

Creation and practice of a written emergency plan:

  • How to recognize warning signs leading to a life threatening emergency
  • ECG considerations during treatment
  • Implementation of emergency response in the case of adverse events.
  • Drills (mock codes) so that staff have specific responsibilities during an emergency
  • Develop a relationship with a local ambulance service
  • Identify the closest hospital with appropriate emergency cardiac care 

Choose the appropriate equipment to use during emergencies:

  • Stocking the clinic's pharmacy with the right meds needed for stabilization and potential emergencies.
  • IV rehydration equipment 
  • Choosing the right monitors and manual defibrillators (including training specific to defibrillator). 
  • Ventilation equipment dependant on your budget.  
  • EZIO drill training for challenging venous access and emergencies. 

Safety courses:

  • American Heart Association BLS and/or ACLS for Ibogaine certification courses offered for additional fees per student.  2 year certifications issued.
  • Classroom Basic Heart Anatomy & ECG Interpretation course.
  • Basic 12-lead ECG Interpretation course
  • Follow-up on site training and/or recertification courses available    


IbogaSafe recognizes that each treatment setting presents it’s own individual demands and means. After evaluation of you center’s training needs we will quote a fee based on services provided. Travel expenses, room and board, and length of stay will be considered in the negotiated quote. 

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