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Safety courses

Understanding Basic Heart Anatomy and Electrocardiograms (EGGs)

Upcoming Webinar

Appropriate for lay providers and medical professionals who want to learn/review basic heart anatomy and electrophysiology and how to monitor ECG readings during Ibogaine treatment.  11 hour course.

7-session online webinar course starts February 19, 2017. Register before January 28 for an early-bird discount. Learn more...

Other Available Courses

IbogaSafe offers classroom based training courses providing 2 year certifications through American Heart Association. Blended online/classroom options are also available via AHA. We will highlight special considerations for Ibogaine patients during the course. These unique classes can be taken in conjunction with an onsite training, or separately.

Heart Saver CPR and AED 

CPR certification course appropriate for lay providers working with minimal equipment.  4 hour course.  US $75 per person (manual included)


Basic Life Support certification course appropriate for all healthcare professionals. This course may be appropriate for lay providers in settings that use select airway equipment such as oxygen tanks and ambu-bags for ventilation.  5.5 hour course.  US $75 per person (manual included)

ACLS for Ibogaine

Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification course appropriate for medical professionals only. Current Medical Doctor, Registered Nurse, or Paramedic license and current BLS certification required to participate. Additional information about Ibogaine specific protocol changes to be given after standard AHA course exam completion.  13 hour course.  US $275 per person (manual included)

Basic 12 lead ECG interpretation course

Appropriate for licensed medical professionals only (MD, RN, Paramedic) with prior knowledge/experience and comfort level interpreting basic ECG rhythms, who want to learn/review how to obtain and analyze 12 and 15 lead ECG’s.  *On-site/classroom course only